HappyJapan HCS2-Series

Happy Japan Серия HCS2-1201

  • Compact and super user-friendly, this powerful machine is an ideal starting point for your business. It’s portable too, which means that you can run your embroidery business from a multitude of locations – well, anywhere the machine will fit, really.

    Some of its main features are:

    • Colour LCD touch screen control panel
    • Single head 12 colours
    • Maximum speed 1000 RPM
    • Tubular Embroidery Area: 285 x 290mm
    • Low-profile cap frame (optional): 67 x 180mm
    • Wide cap frame (optional): 67 x 290mm
    • Free PC connection software
    • USB memory stick port
    • Built-in 100 small designs
    • Built-in fonts and user guides

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