VETRON Ultrasocnic welding

Electronic flat bed ultrasonic welding machine with sonotrode and anvil wheel 25 / 45 mm diameter

Ultrasonic welding machine with unique features The ultrasonic approach has developed as forward looking method for the connection of thermoplastic, innovative and technical materials. For the connection of technical (weldable) materials, such as protective clothing made of TYVEK, car covers for transport, medical mattresses and pads, clean room clothing, filter, sports gear, etc., an innovative ultrasonic welding machine is indispensable, in order to guarantee the best possible resistance of the welding seam. The VETRON 5064 and 5164 (longarm version) with its worldwide unique selling features emerges as the perfect partner for ultrasonic welding techniques. The calibrated height sensor measures the distance between anvil- and sonotrode wheel over the entire perimeter. This ensures an exact concentricity and leads to a perfect welding seam with steady quality. After finishing the distance- and concentricity-calibration, the accuracy of the concentricity is shown on the display. VETRON offers two sonotrodes made of hardened steel and titanium. The detachable display/panel guarantees a high process security, since no program or parameter change can be made when removed. Programs can be changed or uploaded to the machine via an USB Slot.

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