VETRON Hotair Welding

Hot-air taping machine for welding continuous seams on water-resistant, waterproof and breathable materials (slant post in front)

Hotair welding machines are typically used to strengthen and seal seams in the textile and leather industry. Compressed air is heated up to several hundred degrees Celsius by electricity and is blown onto the tape coated with thermoplastic glue... ​ ...the Innovation ENERGY SAVING OF MORE THAN 90% ​ The innovation of the VETRON hotair welding machine is based on the development of a new air heater in combination with consistent reduction of heat losses and a newly designed air nozzle. The air supply can be stopped at any time without damage of the heater. The nanoporous thermal insulation and the optimization of the air channel are also reducing energy losses. The new designed nozzle optimizes the energy transfer to the tape. As a result, the required amount of hot air could be reduced to a fraction. Comparison tests revealed a possible ENERGY SAVING OF MORE THAN 90% compared to previous systems!

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