Brother Z-8560A

Electronic Direct Drive Zigzag Lock Stitcher with Under Trimmer

  • Electronic, w/ thread trimmer, w/cond stitch
  • 14 built in pre-programmed stitch patterns
  • Sewing speeds up to 5,000spm

This energy saving direct drive and clean dry head technology give the capability for various pattern sewing, widening sewing possibilities.

Main Features

  • Clean Sewing. The Z-8560 is equipped with a sealed oil tank, supplying constant clean oil only to the rotary hook. There is no oil around the needle bar and thread take-up mechanism, prevent oil staining.
  • Efficient Energy Savings. Electrical power consumption has been lowered to approximately 50% of that of our conventional V-belt driven system (AC servo motor).
  • Comfortable Sewing. The direct drive system responds to the operator's control with ease.
  • No needle deflection or position slippage, even at high-speed sewing. The needle moves perpendicular to the material so that needle deflection does not occur even at high-speed sewing. And the pulse motor with servo control, adopted fro the zigzag mechanism, prevents position slippage.
  • Low noise and vibration allow for stress-free operation. The high-rigidity frame and well-balanced parts details realized by computer analysis have reduced the noise and vibration to the minimum, freeing operators from fatigue and stress.
  • Plain zigzag, 3-step zigzag, scallop patterns, and T-stitches are provided The basic 8 types, 14 sewing patterns are built-in. Users do not need to have multiple cams for each sewing pattern, which allows excellent cost savings.
  • User-friendly operation panel. Great features include: Two-color display and pictograms, the digital setting of maximum sewing speed, the number of stitches counted, the zigzag base line position can be set as desired, and dewing data can be stored in user programs.


ApplicationMedium Materials
Lubrication TypeMinimum Lubrication
Maximum Sewing Speed5,000 rpm
Number of NeedlesSingle Needle

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